About us…

AA-SportTrade was founded in 2016 south of Hamburg in Germany.
Selling sporting goods can do everybody, but our goal is not only to trade with sporting goods from a wide variety of sports but rather to do this sustainably.
Sustainable, that means that we not only offer our customers sporting goods, but rather an incomparable service and are an absolutely reliable partner.
Our USP is not just first-class service, but much more our know-how.

Our colleagues are mostly internationally successful in their sports themselves and therefore offer our customers an almost infinite treasure trove of experiences from which our customers benefit greatly.
In addition, advice really takes place on an equal footing and our customers feel that they are being taken seriously.
This is also confirmed by our excellent recessions.

We are currently very active in archery, but are working intensively on becoming a strong and reliable partner in the paramotor scene.
Here we will be able to make unbeatable offers to the paramotor community from the beginning of 2022.